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The complete text of Privacy Policy for Panelists is available while questionnaire is displayed on the panelists’ device. This questionnaire, displayed at random, is not always accessible. Therefore, below you can find the practical information (FAQ’s) regarding the panelists’ privacy. If you want to get the full text of binding policy for Panelists, please contact us.

What kind of information do you collect about me?

If you join a Gemius panel, we will ask you for your demographic data (such as your level of education, age, gender) and on some markets – for your email address. If you use your computer (or mobile device) together with the other members of your household, we will ask them for their demographic data. We collect data about websites visited and applications used. We DO NOT collect data concerning your communication and correspondence with anyone.

Do you keep my information confidential?

First of all, we appreciate the trust of our panelists. In the scientific reports that we create for our clients we use only statistical data. There is no possibility to identify any individual panelist. We combine the data we collect from you with others’ data to produce aggregated reports. On the grounds of the collected data, we can also elaborate reports aiming to predict what people with similar characteristics would watch or buy.

How do you protect my information?

The security of your data is essential to our credibility. We have introduced security measures, including technical and organizational safeguards, encryption methods and access protocols, to protect your privacy. We have defined internal processes which avoid simultaneous access to the your profile data and to the data about your behaviour. Technical safeguards include e.g. access controls and data storing on different sections and hardware. It is important to emphasize that we provide our clients with aggregated data, cleaned from any personal data.

Do you measure what I do on my computer or my mobile device?

If you agree to participate in our panel, the software that you install onto your computer collects information about how you browse the Internet and what applications are used on your computer.

What is my information used for?

We provide our clients with the knowledge about the preferences of internet users and their online behaviors. The more our clients know, the better they can make services tailored to what you want and need.

I don’t want to receive any spam emails. Do you give my email address to other companies?

You provide us with your email address with the purpose of conducting gemiusAudience research (on some markets we can use other name). Your email will be used only for the research purposes and we will not give it to other company for any other purpose.

Do you give my information to anyone else?

As the online measurement company, we work with other companies for the purposes of market research. If we share with them your data, we vigorously require those companies to maintain the confidentiality and security of your information. In some markets, the research is commissioned to us. In this case it may happen that the data is transmitted to the entity which orders the research (eg. if he chooses another company to conduct the market research).

What happens to my data after it's used? What if I want to delete the information?

Your data is processed for market research purposes. Your personal data will be deleted when the research is finished, on your request or when you uninstall research software. Hereinafter the data about your online behavior will be stored in anonymous form, without possibility to link it to you.

Contacting us

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy please contact us:

Gemius S.A., Postępu 18B St.
02-676 Warsaw, Poland
Phone no. + 48 22 390 90 90
The Data Protection Officer email: privacy[at]gemius.com