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2018-02-22 10:07

We know what consumers buy online! E-commerce markets comparison

Clothing & accessories, travel-related services and mobile devices are among the most frequently bought products in the majority of the countries surveyed last year by Gemius. The comparison of the E-commerce reports’ results reveal the interests of online customers in Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria and Serbia.

Clothing & accessories – the undisputed leader


Some strong similarities between the shopping preferences of online buyers can be observed. Clothing & Accessories related articles remain at the very top of the rankings on almost all surveyed markets, with Latvia and Lithuania being the only exception. In both countries, the majority of respondents indicated „Public events and entertainment” as the category they most often choose while shopping online, with „Clothing” on farther positions in the both countries’ TOP 5.


Another group of products frequently purchased online is a broad scope of electronic devices, including household equipment (like TV-sets, washing machines and other consumer electronics), computers and hardware and all types of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and GSM gadgets.

The travel-related services (airline tickets, bookings and transport tickets) also remain in high demand for the surveyed consumers.

The report unveiled some significant differences as well. For instance: the only country with Cosmetics and beauty care products in TOP 5 is Lithuania; Insurance-related products are only present in the Latvia’s ranking and purchasing movies & theatre tickets is very popular in Poland but not in any other surveyed country.

Next year I’ll buy…


But how do the consumers’ shopping plans differ from what they actually purchase? The Gemius report reveals that the Clothing & Accessories category is, quite surprisingly, not at the top on any market, except for Serbia. However, the products from that group are still present in the most countries’ TOP 3. It is possible that buying clothes is more of an impulsive decision rather than a planned one. Mostly, online shoppers intend to buy, among others, travel-related products, books, music and electronic devices.



Source: Gemius, E-commerce reports 2017: Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia.


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