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2019-04-16 09:40

gemiusAdreal goes cross-media

Who scores the highest reach in both: TV and online video campaigns? And what brands do it most effectively? These and other questions can now finally be answered thanks to the newest version of gemiusAdReal. Renowned by IAB’s Research Awards Gemius’ study now delivers a comprehensive cross-media analysis thanks to the implementation of Gemius’ single source panel.

Just in time to rightfully celebrate its third birthday, gemiusAdReal gets a much-desired update. Fuelled by Gemius’ single-source panel, it now offers full cross-media analytics allowing its users to check and compare all brands’ campaign efforts for all platforms equally. From now on, the study does not only cover all PC and mobile's Facebook app activity, but also gathers data from TOP 36 TV channels and other two top mobile apps: YouTube and Instagram.  

What’s more, the AdReal’s HOT ranking has been transformed as well, and from now on, it shows TOP 5 brands with the highest cross-media reach for video ads. The ranking is updated every day and comprises last seven days period. Apart from unveiling brands’ net reach (so overall reach with audience duplication excluded) it also presents information on advertisers’ incremental reach (so the increase in actual reach generated by other media in relation to the platform with the highest reach).

A couple of months ago, we have launched a product allowing for an in-depth cross-media analysis of one’s own campaign. Our gemiusPostBuy answers marketers’ burning questions regarding audience and reach duplication among all platforms: TV, desktop and mobile, including Facebook and YouTube apps, where any third-party measurement has been unattainable before. Now, we are simply broadening the analytics possibilities offering a unique insight into all market players’ overall media strategy, not just its digital element. For advertisers’ we provide means for comparing their own cross-media marketing strategy against efforts of their competitors, including information on reach duplication. For Media Owners gemiusAdReal remains to be a precious benchmarking tool, now offering a true all-inventory-included examination. gemiusAdReal data has already proved its real impact on the both sides’ strategic decisions and has a potential of boosting all market players’ activity in terms of effectiveness and optimisation", says Marta Sulkiewicz, Gemius’ Chief Sales Officer.


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