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2018-08-28 08:42

Gemius’ new programmatic feature

With the beginning of July, Gemius introduced a possibility to sell ad inventory in the programmatic model. The feature is available for the clients who use Gemius’ AdOcean adserver.

Programmatic advertising, so in other words, fully automated process of buying ad space has become a standard in the online advertising business. As noted in the Zenith Optimedia’s report, only in 2017, more than half (59 per cent) of world’s digital display ads were sold programatically and this number is estimated to grow up to 67 per cent globally by 2019. 

ꟷ Programmatic buying is an essence and an integral element of the future-oriented digital advertising purchasing model and it is on the way to become a primary source of revenue for most publishers. Right now, we can see how it grows to be treated equally with the traditional media buying model by the publishers, which results in more quality ad space being made available in this model and simultaneously convincing more clients to purchase their ad space this way ꟷ comments Radosław Gołąb, Gemius’ Business Development Director.

In response to the increasing market’s demand Gemius introduced a new feature in their adserver product, AdOcean. From now on, AdOcean clients, in the same interface, have access to their standard adserver solutions, but enhanced with the programmatic options, ensured by the AdOcean’s new module called AdOcean SSP.

ꟷ We want to provide publishers with a tool that will allow for easy and comprehensible ad inventory management and enable them to set the right priorities: decide which ad spaces should be made available for programmatic purchase and which will remain in the traditional buying model. Our system also gives the possibility to compare prices between the programmatic offer and own campaign to give the client the choice of the best possible solution ꟷ explains Radosław Gołąb.

Gemius’ new service is available from 4th of July for all AdOcean users on 19 CEE markets and also new clients (there is a possibility to use only the SSP module without AdOcean adserver). Activating the service takes up to one working day, when the SSP is on the user gains access to the openRTB settings and to the tab with SSP statistics. Please, contact your country local support team for more details.


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