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2019-02-15 11:47

Gemius introduces video programmatic to AdOcean SSP

At the end of January Gemius introduced a new functionality to its adserving tool. AdOcean SSP now enables its clients to sell video advertising space in the programmatic model.

AdOcean is a renown Gemius adserving tool allowing Publishers to effectively manage their advertising space sold in the traditional model (direct sales), and now, also in the programmatic model. The feature is available for all devices (PC and mobile) and it is applicable not only for display ads, but also for video. In AdOcean SSP Publishers can make their advertising space available for purchase in two formats: instream (a video ad played in the middle of the chosen video material) as well as outstream (a video ad that is not a part of the main video content on the site). The newest feature is a direct answer to the market’s growing focus on video as illustrated further in the newest IAB/AdEx study for the 1sthalf of 2018, where the year-to-year growth can be approximated to 41 per cent.

Thanks to the newest AdOcean SSP feature the advertising space sellers gain yet another source of revenue. For advertisers, it opens up a whole new range of possibilities to purchase advertising space on certified websites and simultaneously increase their brand safety. It is vital to note that our AdOcean SSP team collaborates with every single Publisher directly, so the supply chain stays clear and transparent.

- The implementation of the video programmatic model to the AdOcean SSP is an immensely important step towards further development of our product. It is our direct answer to the market trends, as the ad expenditure for ads bought and sold in the programmatic model is constantly increasing on all markets. In the USA, video bought in the programmatic model constituted around 82,5 per cents of the market. In Europe, it is already more than half of the market. We estimate that in Poland these numbers are going to go up, from 20-25 per cent to almost 40 per cent. These growth rates are incredibly promising, especially considering the fact that Poland is the fastest EMEA growing market when it comes to programmatic, says Radoslaw Golab, Advertising Business Development Director at Gemius. – We need to take notice of yet another element: the rapid growth of video advertising. And as a company, we see these changes and trends, and we want to answer the Publishers’ and Advertisers’ direct needs and provide them with tools that will effectively support their businesses. 

All Publishers can use the newest AdOcean SSP feature, no matter their location. All you need to do is contact your Local Sales Office for further details.


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