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2017-01-27 10:15

Digital state of automotive

According to the IAB Turkey Internet Measurement Study of November 2016, prepared by Gemius, we present the number of websites visited in the automotive category and more!

Despite all the challenges in 2016, it was a good year for the automotive industry. Sales numbers were quite positive. Today, people who are thinking about purchasing an automobile first do internet research before going the gallery of a brand. In our study, we focused on November, or the time when automotive sales become very active. That's the digital form of automotive!

In November, the number of unique visitors to sites in the automotive category was 3.2 million, or 15.85 per cent of the whole internet population. In other words, 16 out of every 100 internet users visited a website categorized as pertaining to automobiles. In this study, we made a list of automotive websites according to visitor preferences, based on real visitors.


Digital automotive and socio-demographic data


Let’s have a look at the social-demographic profile of the category.

First of all, it is easy to see that the category is male-dominated: 67.97 per cent of the visitors were male, and 32.03 per cent female.


According to data from the National Driving Department in 2016, women make up only 23.8 per cent of drivers, so the female ratio in the category is consistent.

If we examine the SES breakdown in details, we see that automotive-related pages were most visited by the AB and C2 segments, with 20.9 per cent, and the C1 segment with 20.34 per cent. The DE group came in third with 19.72 per cent.

Income distribution of automotive category visitors

The percentage of high school graduates is 34.16 per cent and it was users from this category who made up the majority of visitors to automotive sites. The average time spent on the automotive site was 10 minutes, 11 seconds, although one site had exceptional results: "araba.com," which was visited for 18 minutes and 15 seconds on average. We can also see from the November data that users visiting automotive sites are very interested in Facebook.

2.5 million unique users, or 77.70 per cent of the total visitors within the automotive category, also visited the social network. Twitter, meanwhile, was visited by 35.88 per cent and Instagram by 21.16 per cent of the unique users of the category.


2.8 million unique users of the automotive category also visited a site categorized as news, which is equal to 88.74 per cent reach. Finally, users who visited both an automobile site and a banking site was 61.97 per cent. The favorite banking site of visitors in the automotive category? isbank.com.tr!






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