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2017-04-12 05:47

Open RTB’s availability on AdOcean is a gain for on-line publishers

Gemius has recently partnered with WideOrbit, one of the leading providers of advertising management software for media companies. Thanks to this collaboration, AdOcean’s adserver clients will be able to sell their advertising space using the programmatic model.

The integration of the WideOrbit system with the AdOcean adserver is another important step for Gemius in the development of the digital sales of advertising space using the bidding model (programmatic). So far, AdOcean has been offering revenue streams, based on a waterfall system, to publishers who had previously collaborated with entities from the Supply-Side Platform (SSP). The integration with WideOrbit has greatly expanded the range of possible uses of the programmatic model – now all publishers can become players on the virtual exchange and sell single page views at the highest possible rates. This is all made possible thanks to Open RTB (Real-Time Bidding), which has recently been launched on AdOcean.

‘AdOcean is constantly being developed and improved by a team of highly-qualified developers. Together, we adapt our adserver not only to market requirements but also to the individual needs of our customers. Allowing the sale of advertising space using the Open RTB model was a natural move forward for us. Thanks to the successful integration with WideOribt, our clients are now able to enjoy rapid revenue growth with the help of the latest technologies’ says Radosław Gołąb, director of Advertising Business Development EMEA at Gemius.

‘We are excited about partnering up with AdOcean, offering a combined and compelling full stack ad technology solution for publishers in new markets’ says Alexander Edström, VP Programmatic Digital Sales at WideOrbit.

AdOcean’s clients will be able to start using the new feature almost immediately. It is enough to simply submit a relevant request to the local technical support department, who will then complete all the necessary paperwork. New settings dedicated to Open RTB bids will appear on the user’s account. Clients will also get access to the WideOrbit interface where they will be able to find real-time sales’ statistics and reports.


WideOrbit is one of the leading providers of advertising management software for media companies. WideOrbit provides innovative, proven solutions for managing the broadcasting of advertising on radio, as well as terrestrial and cable television – from order proposal, through scheduling the broadcasting frequency to automation, billing and payment terms. Visit www.wideorbit.com to find out more.

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