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2018-04-03 11:18

Netflix online video campaigns – where they have the best viewability and reach?

  For how long Netflix video ads remained visible for the users? Where the American VoD service has noted the highest video ads reach and viewability rate? The answers for these questions you can find below in the newest Gemius analysis for five European markets.


Gemius analysed Netflix online advertising activities in January 2018 on five selected markets: France, Germany, Poland, Romania and Turkey. Netflix stepped boldly in the new year with their video campaigns, proving their statement made in autumn 2017, when they announced their plan to boost the expenses on marketing and promotion in 2018. The service landed first in the online video advertisers ranking on PC in Romania (45 per cent reach), Germany (26 per cent reach) and Poland (37 per cent reach). In Turkey and France Netflix was on the fourth place in the ranking, 31 per cent and 21 per cent reach, respectively (source: gemiusAdReal).

The frequency of Netflix video ads impressions was highest in Poland and Germany. In these countries the average internet user had the possibility to see a Netflix ad approximately 8 times in one month. Conversely, among Turkish online population Netflix’s frequency was only 4.

Germany: Best viewability of Netflix video ads


In Romania, Poland, Germany and Turkey the viewability rate for Netflix video ads exceeded 50 per cent. The highest percentage was registered in Germany – 68 per cent. It is a 20 per cent higher score than the viewability rate in France. Only in this country the viewability rate was below 50 per cent (48 per cent).

The viewability time of Netflix video ads was highest in Germany, where it amounted to 11 seconds. Poland came in second, with the time as high as 9,3 seconds. Turkey closes the TOP3 with 8,7 seconds. In France and Romania the time of displaying Netflix video ads recognized as visible for users was significantly lower – 7,1 and 7,8 seconds respectively. However, it is worth noting that in Romania the reach of Netflix video campaigns was the highest (45 per cent) among analysed markets.

One of the most advertised series in all analysed countries was the Black Mirror show. In Romania commercials for this series were displayed over 4,4 million times and reached over 1,4 million real users. In Poland, video online campaigns promoting Black Mirror noted the highest reach (over 25 per cent) and the highest number of impressions (32,2 million) among all advertised Netflix series.


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